Dogs have been perceived as man’s best friend since time. To some extent that is true and that’s why many people have them as pets. Dog breeds are many with some having fluffy hair, others rough hair while others have short hair. The variation is great but the fact remains that all of them shed hair. The dog being your pet becomes a responsibility therefore it’s up to you to find a dog hair removal tool. Let us look at the best 12 dog hair removal tools in the market right now.

1.    A Sticky Roller

Just like a sticker suit roller, we have a sticky roller for dog hair removal from your clothes and personal stuff. Sometimes dog mess up on your personal belonging and the tool will come in handy.

2.    An All House Sticky Roller

This sticky roller is similar to number one but does the job all-round the house instead of clothes only. They are shaped like painting rollers. Try it today and leave your house sparkling clean.

3.    A Hair Removal Glove

Instead of waiting for the dog to shed hair then you clean, try the hair removal glove which works by rubbing it on the dog fur coat. Try it and give your dog coat a shiny look while tapping the shed hair with the same glove.

4.    A Fur Remover from Fur-D

Apart from the glove, this comb looking machine does the job of rubbing the dog coat hair. Apart from that, it can be useful around the house to clean surfaces. The machine has two sides one for removing shed fur on the dog coat and the other for brushing your upholstery.

5.    A Broom to Remove the Fur

Also similar to the glove and comb, the broom does the job of collecting shed dog fur from the carpet and floor all over the house.

6.    A Kong Grooming Tool

This Kong tool comes in handy when grooming your dog and washing it in the is small and portable.

7.    A Fur Collector Mitt

A mitt is important if you want to collect fur from your clothes. You just wear them on your hands and do the job rubbing them against each other.

8.    A Fabric Sweeping Tool

The work of this tool is efficient but by you can’t really understand by reading only. People have given positive comments about it, why not buy?

9.    A Vacuum Cleaner

Instead of rubbing and doing all the efforts, try a vacuum cleaner which is a good tool for removing fur from the floor and carpet.

10. A Rotator Lift Away Tool

This tool has functions of all over the house not just pet fur. So try this as one of the best 12 hair removal tools.

11. A Brush Looking Grooming Tool

I really lack the words to describe it but it looks like a shaving machines. Try it for grooming your dog and removing excess hair.

12. A Pair of Rubber Gloves for Grooming

You can have a list of the best 12 dog hair removal tools without mentioning the most basic tool. The rubber gloves which help remove excess fur.

In Conclusion

Having a good hair removal tool is important if you have a pet at home most especially a dog. Look at this list of the best 12 dog hair removal tools and choose the best for you.