Do you know that dogs dislike hugging? A recent study claimed that dogs hate hugging by humans.  Now, here the question is:

How to know it likes hugs

If your dog leans or climbs frequently on you or you notice he begs to sit in your arms, it means he is okay with hugs. You must notice the signs of stress such as yawning, licking lips, tension in the mouth or ears and whale eye. In case you notice your dog is passing a message of No hugs, respect his wish and give him his space.

Why are dogs uncomfortable with hugs?

When you take a dog to the dog park, or to a friend’s house to play with another dog, have you noticed how dogs greet? There are plenty of ways that the dogs say hello based on the fact, if they are reforming old bonds and know each other or are meeting the first time. You will notice a smelling face, tail wagging and play bowing, but no hugging. Even dogs that are best friends have nothing in common to a hug.

“Dogs, love people, and follow a greeting in a particular way, none of that entail having its foreleg over the shoulder”.  However, sometimes it is found that dogs put a leg or both legs over the shoulders of another and this is referred to as standing over. It relates to social status form or it is some competition looking out for resources.

Dogs try climbing on the shoulders while playing as they try to stand or push down. It is a controlling and assertive behavior. So, hugging dogs are difficult to interpret. It is best that dogs shrug off and do not pay heed to whatever the reason may be for a hug. For instance, golden retrievers are a breed well known for their fondness of touching, but for it other dogs consider it a potential threat.

How to find out about hugs

A dog’s response on throwing your arm over them will give you a clue. They go stiff, close mouth and do some lip licking. They are concerned, anxious and also wondering if something went wrong, should I do or not do something.

People love dogs, share a lot with them, communicate, play and lots more. But remember we are different and they are from different species. If your dog leans and snuggles adamantly, he is fine with hugs, but if he walks away or gets up as you lean, it means he dislikes hugging.