Can animals get addicted as humans to substances? There are studies on whether dogs can get a drug addiction and there is some insight shown.

Study on Effects

A study involved getting few rats and injecting with heroin or morphine regularly for 20 days. After the initial 20 days, on providing them a lever allowing them to the drug to do self-inject. They are worked out and start using the lever regularly to self-inject.

It is possible to wean them off the drugs, but on diluting it, they will inject more. Apart from this, if the supply is completely stopped or if you consider replacing heroin with some saline solution, they will display abnormal behavior and reveal withdrawal standard symptoms.

Dog’s addiction

Yes, animals certainly do get into drugs addiction and the same is with dogs also as they can get into drugs as addiction. One way is to train your dog to take drugs and make them addicted, besides you may reward them with more drugs and this leads to addiction. This was tried in third-world countries and the animals had to face a setback with their behavior and life span.

Giving drugs for a period of 2 months is not long enough for a dog to fall into addiction. Even sedatives that are painkillers, prescribed by vet makes the animal forget the pain, but there will a discomfort feel and the behavior of your dog changes.

Other addictions

Bees are less obvious with addiction.  On doing research by feeding cocaine to bees, they reacted differently and they exaggerated more. They remembered the place nectar was found. Finally, when cocaine was taken away from that place, they suffered with confusion. Normally, it was noticed that bees could identify difference of lemon and vanilla, while the bees addicted to cocaine and undergoing withdrawal failed to identify.

Horse gets high on having locoweed and on addiction they consume it giving preference. It is commonly during winter months that they are given. However, horses that do not get it become nasty, but the fact is that this addiction shortens their lives and their equine brains experience a debilitating effect.

Goats also display addiction and once addicted they risk their life and limb to eat this plant that is of no value. Thus, it shows animals display the addiction symptoms and these can be used to know the drug’s effects on their brains.