Dogs love always human food and so pet owners have a constant battle keeping their pups off the table and fridge. The favorite is a lick of ice cream or cheese pieces.

Like humans dog also has tolerance issue for dairy. Some dogs gulp down a bowl of milk happily, while some have problem in digesting even a cheddar piece as it results in gastric distress.

Fortunately, milk is not a doggy important part of diet. Yet, when considering if dogs can drink milk or not, it is a yes and no reply as it is based on keeping in mind few important thing: Dogs can drink goats or cow’s milk, yet some may be lactose or allergic intolerant.

When Can Dogs Drink Milk?

Milk has sugar, lactose and it requires the enzyme lactase to digest the milk. Puppies have in abundance the enzyme and so they enjoy their mother’s milk during the nursing period. The same puppies enjoying lapping their mother’s milk may not be able to tolerate goats or cow’s milk.

Can Dogs Become Lactose Intolerant?

As the puppies are weaned, the lactase produced is less and they become lactose intolerant. Dogs that are lactose intolerant do experience symptoms and they vary in the lactose intolerance degrees. Some experience mild GI distress, while some may have serious clinical signs and some have nothing at all. Milk and dairy products are the triggers in dogs for food allergies. They can irritate the skin; itching, redness and GI distress results in diarrhea and vomiting.

 What happens if dog drinks milk?

If the dogs lack enzyme lactase in abundance they cannot digest properly as the sugars in milk are not broken down. The lactose in milk passes through GI tracts as undigested into their colons. This undigested sugar draws water causing diarrhea and the bacterial fermentation in their colon results in discomfort and flatulence.

In fact, the lactase deficient levels can result in GI upset such as vomiting and diarrhea. The whole fat milk or dairy products with too much fat may cause diarrhea and vomiting and they may develop pancreatitis.

If your dog drinks milk, what to do?

Occasional lick of your mug or ice cream is okay, unless the dog is allergic. Yet, avoid giving your pet milk or dairy products in large amounts. It will upset GI within 12 hours of consumption. In case your pet gets his paws somehow to milk products, monitor his discomfort or signs for abdominal distress.