Owners of dogs and cats have a debate on which animal is smarter. Dog owners boast about the intelligence of their canine, while cat lovers say cats are equally smart as dogs and they cannot be compelled to obey. However, the recent journal Frontiers supports a fact that dogs are smarter in comparison to cats.

Brains study

With brains of animals, a mammals group contains seals, bears and raccoons, besides the domesticated dogs and cats. The study was done to understand the brain size and the neurons number in the brain. In case the brain size is different in animals, the neurons must be higher and also packed densely.

The researchers took keen interest in the brain part, the cerebral cortex as it is associated with intelligence. This controls the processes such as planning and decision making. The neurons that are densely packed in cerebral cortex indicate intelligent species. For instance, primates that are popular for being smart have brains featuring dense neurons.

There were carnivores of eight species for the study, featuring sample animals of each species. There were two dogs and a cat. The dogs were Golden Retriever and another unspecified breed that died naturally and was taken to science. The structure of the brain of each animal and its weight was taken as measurement for comparison of size. They also tried to determine the neurons exact number by dissolving each brain and the sample cells were counted using a microscope. The count estimated the complete brain cells.

More results on brains

Again, the results revealed that dogs are larger brains and twice of neurons in the cerebral cortex. As the brain is the main to process information, more neurons in animal implies its cerebral cortex. it means it can process more information and the mental capabilities is richer., this shows that dogs are flexible, complex and possess the potential of behaving well.

Of course, this was not accepted as the final word. The Golden Retrievers brain has more neurons than brown bear of African lion, though bear and lion have large cerebral cortices in comparison to dog. The dog has more neurons packed in a small space and now living domestically with the company of human has not hurt the intelligence of canine.

The neuron counts offer individual variation, but now the intelligence of living cats and dogs tests are not noticed, besides observing the behavior of the animals. Thus, the answer depends on the person you ask, so answers are sure to vary.