Do you have a pet dog; it means you must celebrate its birthday. Your cutest fur ball does not actually know or understand the birthday, but as it is now your family member, make its day very special. Make it a fun day; allow your furry friend to socialize with neighbours and your friends.

Bear in mind a birthday party for a dog entails more planning than normal ones. There is a need to be creative and very careful about certain things. Some of the fabulous birthday ideas for your dog or the canine friend:

Dog birthday party themes

Pick any theme, use creativity and imagination. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Wild West: Get some Sheriff Badges for dog or cow boy hats or consider a red bandana, your furry will look super cute.
  • Royal Princess: Get Dora sized Tiara and dress, give your dog a royalty look on her birthday.
  • Super heroes: Dress him as any super hero with the right costume.

Remember to pick that is easy to execute, the theme should be apt for human friends and guest dogs.


On deciding the party theme, get on the guest list; include your neighbors having dogs, invite doggies well acquainted.

  • Remember to invite dog guests and dogs that are not strangers as it will result in tensed atmosphere.
  • Ensure sufficient supervision. Invite children loving dogs and parents should handle.


Dog birthday party venue can be in your backyard, but if you are throwing a big party, consider some open space. Look for a local dog park or a fun at a beach. Ensure there is enough space and it is comfortable to have an eye.

  • There should be time and place for the dogs to play and to enjoy with your friends.
  • Make sure to have lots of water bowls in the venue, if it is a hot weather.


Order cakes for your dog that is different and not the same as you bring for humans. Contact a pet bakery and get two cakes separate for your dog and for human consumption. let your dogs enjoy the dog cake or you can make a cake that is dog friendly remembering few things such as:

  • No addition of sugar or chocolate as it will harm the digestive tract of your dog.
  • Use cream cheese, organic peanut butter, yogurt or cottage cheese as icing.
  • Avoid nuts and chocolate is poisonous, but add chicken in the cake, your dog will cherish this delicacy.