Dogs have strong natural instincts by birth. This includes digging, barking and being human friendly. This has made people believe that dogs have naturally swimming skills.

Actually No; Swimming is not an innate ability in dogs. Of course there are pooches that are amphibious perfectly and enjoy sinking like bricks sack, for such dogs it is easy to keep their head about water.

Canine swimming details

Speaking about canines swimming, they are in three categories:

  • The first are those dogs who can swim.
  • The second are those dogs who can be trained to swim
  • The third are those dogs that must stay clear of the aqueous arena.

Actually, golden retrievers, water spaniels, English setter, Irish setters and Newfoundland are the dogs of the first category as they love swimming and are brilliant swimmers. The advantage is their strong limbs and this can also be a genetic ability. Many are bred for water rescue or to retrieve waterfowl. These dogs have swimming as a strong tradition in their breed and enjoy being in water.

On the other end, there are lovable breeds that are sturdy such as boxers, dachshunds and bulldogs. They have short legs that are unfavorable to stay afloat in water. A breed such as the pug has short face as well that swimming is difficult. Small dogs such as Chihuahua and Maltese are good swimmers, but are frightened and become chilled easily in the water that the rise of drowning is high.


  • Generally, dogs that are good swimmers are mostly in medium to large size. They feature webbing in toes and have water resistant coats. These dogs have deep, large chests and short muzzles and hindquarters that they stay safely ashore.
  • Dogs that are into training of getting into water should be started as a gradual and slow process. In case, your dog is able to adjust quickly with the water means it will learn fine, but some dogs may need a lot of reassurance and coaxing so that they are comfortable and learn swimming.
  • Finally, regardless of the fact that your dog is an excellent swimmer or not, you may take the dog boating. It is recommended to have a flotation vest with moving boat. In case your dog wishes nothing to do in the water, yet you can take him to a beach or lake, provided you adhere to certain precautions.