A puppy is the first pet a household gets. This is because an older dog is attached to the original owner than the new owner. A puppy goes through stages just like a human child and one of such is the teething stage which is uncomfortable for puppies. To help reduce the itching, a chew toy is needed. Below are the best 10 puppy chew toys while teething your puppy should try.

1.    A Puppy Chew Kit by Nylabone

The chew kit includes a bone looking toy which is a favorite for many dogs. It also forms a good tool to train your puppy against destructive chewing. The kit contains several toys which are all differently flavored so variety is taken care of.

2.    A Triple Ring Chew Toy Pack by Nylabone

One special thing about the ring toys is durability thanks to the strong material used to build it. Another important feature is the rough ridges which are found on the toy and form part of treating itchy gums.

3.    A Dinosaur Chew Toy by Nylabone

An animal looking chew toy is something a puppy would like. The dinosaur chew toy is flavored like chicken and has raised spots which help heal the itchy gums or provide relief.

4.    A Dotted Puppy Tug Toy

This toy is especially dotted for the same purpose as those mentioned above. The other feature is the many colors it possesses. It is also a play toy for the puppy and the owner where they do tug of war.

5.    A Mini Dental Pack Rope

The material used for the ropes is not as strong and does the job of only removing/preventing tartar. The soft material also serves as a massage tool for the puppy gums.

6.    A Chew Bone and Ball for Aggressive Puppies

Thanks to Mr. Play, the aggressive puppies have been taken care of. The material used is indestructible and the toys have rough finishes to help massage the gums when the dog is teething. Definitely one of the best 10 puppy chew toys while teething.

7.    Ball and Rope Toy Sets

The pack includes more than a ball and a rope. There are other 4 extra toys in the set. The toy set actually aims at bonding the dog and the parent rather than massaging the gums during teething.

8.    A Femur Shaped Green Chew Toy

If your puppy is aggressive then this toy is perfect. Made from strong durable materials, this bone shaped toy can provide a play tool for your dog. The only set back is that only the green color is available.

9.    Petite Chew Toy from Nylabone

The petite toy gives puppies the benefit of removing food particles from their teeth and massaging the gums. It is a good play toy.

10. A Chew Toy from Hyper Chewz

This is the first toy which uses foam as a material. Because of that, they are suitable for aggressive dogs and they come in shapes like bones, balls and sticks.


You can buy a variety of chew toys and store them in your house. They come in several flavors and shapes so your work is to just choose. Try the above best 10 puppy chew toys while teething and better the life of your growing puppy.