Can dogs eat cat food?

Cats and dogs dietary requirements are quite different. A cat’s main ingredient is meat in their diet as they are obligate carnivores. In fact, it is a biological necessity. On the other hand, dogs are omnivores, requiring a wider diet to meet its nutritional requirements. Read: Best We Kitten Food for 2019 Health risks associated

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Owners of dogs and cats have a debate on which animal is smarter. Dog owners boast about the intelligence of their canine, while cat lovers say cats are equally smart as dogs and they cannot be compelled to obey. However, the recent journal Frontiers supports a fact that dogs are smarter in comparison to cats.

Can dogs drink milk?

Dogs love always human food and so pet owners have a constant battle keeping their pups off the table and fridge. The favorite is a lick of ice cream or cheese pieces. Like humans dog also has tolerance issue for dairy. Some dogs gulp down a bowl of milk happily, while some have problem in

Can dogs get addicted to drugs?

Can animals get addicted as humans to substances? There are studies on whether dogs can get a drug addiction and there is some insight shown. Study on Effects A study involved getting few rats and injecting with heroin or morphine regularly for 20 days. After the initial 20 days, on providing them a lever allowing

Do dogs like hugs?

Do you know that dogs dislike hugging? A recent study claimed that dogs hate hugging by humans.  Now, here the question is: How to know it likes hugs If your dog leans or climbs frequently on you or you notice he begs to sit in your arms, it means he is okay with hugs. You

Can dogs have Down syndrome?

Do you know about Down syndrome?  Each cell has a nucleus present in the human body and it stores genetic material in this genes. The genes carry responsible codes for inherited traits and are grouped known as chromosomes in rod-like structures. The nucleus from each cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes, inherited half from each

Best birthday party ideas for your dog

Do you have a pet dog; it means you must celebrate its birthday. Your cutest fur ball does not actually know or understand the birthday, but as it is now your family member, make its day very special. Make it a fun day; allow your furry friend to socialize with neighbours and your friends. Bear

Can dogs swim?

Dogs have strong natural instincts by birth. This includes digging, barking and being human friendly. This has made people believe that dogs have naturally swimming skills. Actually No; Swimming is not an innate ability in dogs. Of course there are pooches that are amphibious perfectly and enjoy sinking like bricks sack, for such dogs it